We do our best to meet customer's satisfaction
with on the basis of the best services and technical skills

Philosophy of Business

The world's best
gear processing
technology consulting
company, DKTEC.

DKTEC’s philosophy of business consists of “Vision”, “Core value”
and “Mission”.
The “Vision” is aimed for providing the best service to our customers based on the professional technical abilityies which consist of the world’s best gear processing machines and advanced automation systems.

To reach our vision as well as obtain future-oriented techniques and professional services, consistence research and development of high-technology and its utilization and sharing are set as our “Core value”

Based on our “Vision” and “Core Value”, providing optimized high-technology to our customers and trying to create additional value are regarded as DKTEC’s “Mission”. Furthermore, we hope to contribute to abundance of humanity.
DKTE in Management Philosophy(VISON,MISSION,CORE VALUE) - DKTEC in future(The world’s beat consulting company on gear manufacturing technology business.),A method of behavior for DKTEC(Sourcingglobal advanced production technology )