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DKTEC Group is a company specialized in offering machine tools for various gear processing for automotive and heavy industry, wind power industry business and also in manufacturing factory automation system and special machine to produce electrical traction motor for Electric vehicle. DKTEC provide rational and productive part processing solutions based on our passion to develop innovative process design and processing technology.

DKTEC Engineering is a company specialized in importing, selling and maintenance service of various gear processing machines. Since establishing in 1996, we have a great contribution to develop domestic power transmission technology with discovering and providing outstanding technical skill s around the world. DKTEC has secured high level of technical manpower in our company through continuously training to strengthen of technology with major global machine tools companies, providing not only selling machine tools but aim to provide outstanding repair & maintenance service, promptly on-site support for trouble, and overhaul & retooling services for various old gear processing machines.

DKTEC industry is a company specialized in manufacturing customized factory automation system and specialized winding machine to make electric traction motor for electric vehicle. We operate research institute in-house to develop productive smart factory automation systems, creative machine vision technologies and valuable new technology for new business items.

According to the shift of business paradigm in future automotive industry DKTEC has a number of key technologies for the core processes of the production of electric traction motors (EV, HEV, PHEV, FCEV), essential components of the eco-friendly automobile industry, through the enthusiasm and efforts of DKTEC research institute. The value of DKTEC technology is recognized in domestic and overseas market.

We. DKTEC, always do our best to prepare for changes in industrial market in advance to provide innovative advanced technologies and the best productivity to our customers. Using the world's best technology, we will consult on gear process design technology that has secured high productivity and efficiency, and supply optimized smart factory automation systems to customers., DKTEC will continue to respond to the market's demand for development of existing internal combustion engine transmission technology and secure high-quality production source technology for driving electric motors for the emerging eco-friendly vehicle era.
In the new industrial era, DKTEC will always provide customers with "turnkey engineering solutions" of high-precision, high-quality production technology.

DKTEC will always approach to our customers with our passion to provide innovative services and technologies.

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